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AEM Custom Aquatic
Environments Products

AEM Offers A Wide Variety of Custom Products

From custom rectangle tanks, to in-floor reef aquariums, low-boys, frag tanks, custom wood wrapped stands with steel frames and steel fabricated tank stands.

Call Mark today to see what we have in stock. Website gets updated with current in-house stock.


Custom Cast Acrylic Aquariums

From custom sized rectangles to huge trapezoid shapes, to porthole fish tanks we can build you what you are looking for. Check out our product page and see if we have anything that might meet your needs. Fill out the form and let’s get started on your project today!

Lowboy Tanks

Custom Lowbow Tanks

Made from cast acrylic our lowboy tanks are perfect for a shop or a home looking for a great place to raise small corals, fish or invertebrates. These tanks are also great for large or small lagoons.

Frag Tanks

Custom Frag Tanks

Made with cast acrylic our custom frag tanks are great for raising coral fragments for sale or for hobby.

Steel Stands

Custom Welded Steel Frame Stands

We can build a sound engineered structure to support your aquatic investment. Call us or visit our steel stands web page today. We do carry some stands in stock so check out our available products today.

Wood Stands

Custom Wood Aquarium Stands

Wood construction stands or wood wrapped steel cabinetry can soften the environment’s appearance. Especially in a home or an office setting. Call Mark today to see some of his custom wood working projects.

Faux Reef Inserts

Custom Reef Inserts

Our reef inserts are custom made of high quality eco-friendly materials that will last many years with very little upkeep. Popular in aquarium “swim tanks” these faux reefs will last several lifetimes!